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Corey and I are extremely proud of the fact that we built our law firm largely off of cases referred from other attorneys. There is no better introduction to a prospective client than one from a fellow lawyer they already trust. Corey and I understand the value that brings and are willing to work with other attorneys in any capacity: they can be local counsel or vice versa, they can work on the case and fund it equally, or they can hand the case off and trust that we will take care of the client.

If you are considering referring a case to us, please review the list of attorneys below and feel free to contact them regarding their experience with us:

Brian Dettman: 502-779-9998

Kyle Kaiman: 502-771-0741

Aaron Rapier: 815-782-5478

Mark Mathys: 630-428-4040

Nicole Willet: 502-381-4565

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