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Securing Maximum Compensation After A Truck Wreck

Garbage trucks, semi trucks and tractor-trailers are all around us every day. Although they provide necessary services, they also have the potential to leave victims with catastrophic injuries. With significant legal injury expenses and other bills piling up, you deserve to secure the compensation you need for your accident.

At Finn & Yeoman, we know what is at stake in truck accident claims. Our Kentucky lawyers know truck accident injuries mean that victims will have to deal with large shipping companies and their law firms. We are ready to be the legal representation you need in their injury claim.

The Settlement You Deserve

There are many causes of truck accidents, including unbalanced loads, driver mistakes, fatigue, reckless driving, and poor maintenance. Whatever the cause,  you will need to identify who is liable and pursue compensation from them.

We take the time to review your situation to determine who is responsible for the costs of your injuries. Whether it is the driver, their employer, the manufacturer of the truck, or another third party, we can take the necessary legal action to help you.

We do everything in our power to build the case you deserve, such as gathering medical reports and other medical documentation, interviewing expert witnesses, and filing properly completed paperwork. We do not take chances with your settlement, and neither should you.

Begin Pursuing Compensation

Contact us today if you are ready to meet with a legal team you can trust to secure the compensation you need after a truck accident. Call our Louisville office at 502-694-0565 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation. The sooner you reach out to our team, the sooner we can begin helping you.