Personal Injury

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We handle a broad range of personal injury cases. We have sued a wide variety of businesses — gas stations, stores, hospitals, gyms, and others —
for unsafe conditions that caused injuries to our clients.

Trips and Falls
The attorneys Finn & Yeoman have extensive experience suing companies for dangerous conditions. We hold business accountable for unsafe walking surfaces—such as water on the floor of a restaurant or a pothole in the parking lot of a gas station. We are well-versed in Kentucky’s tricky trip-fall laws and have successfully navigated these issues to get these cases resolved—either by settlement with the insurance company or by jury trial—for our clients.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
F&Y handles dog bites and other animal attacks. We have represented many children and adults who have been attacked by dogs. We are experienced in demonstrating not only the physical injuries inflicted by these animals but also the emotional and psychological trauma of an attack on the insurance company of the animal owner as well as for a jury.

If you have been injured at a business or on the property of another, give us a call and we can discuss whether you may have claims for your injuries.

At Finn & Yeoman, Kentucky’s most trusted personal injury lawyers, we work harder for you.
No matter the struggles you’re facing, you only pay us if we win your case!

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