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Skilled Representation For Medical Malpractice

The practice of medicine is essential to our health, but mistakes from medical providers have led to many deaths and injuries within the United States. In fact, medical mistakes are among the top three causes of death in the U.S. These injuries can come from medical contractors in nursing homes and can be especially dangerous to the residents there.

At Finn & Yeoman, we work hard for our clients suffering from injuries due to medical malpractice. This is a difficult, painful time for you, and we are here to get you through it, whether your injury resulted from a surgical error, misdiagnosis, birth injury or medication error.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

There are many different forms of malpractice that patients in hospitals or residents in a nursing home can experience. Medical malpractice is when a physician or any other medical professional made a mistake with a patient while they were:

  • Treating them
  • Caring for them
  • Operating on them
  • Prescribing medicine to them
  • Diagnosing them

These injuries can happen through various forms of errors. Health care workers may take measures to hide or deny the mistakes, delaying treatment and making the situation much worse in the long term.

You rely on your medical team to properly diagnose and treat you. When that fails, you may find yourself or a loved one experiencing extreme pain, facing a lengthy recovery or even suffering fatal injuries. We are here to listen to your story and plan how to move forward. Whether you or a loved one suffered an injury during a stay in the hospital or your parent suffered one in a nursing home, we can help get to the bottom of things.

Getting To The Truth

Throughout the years, there has been an increase in medical malpractice by health care providers. Figuring out the main cause for these mistakes is vital in any medical malpractice case because negligence must be proven.

We work with experts in Louisville and across the country to do just that. These cases are typically costly and time-consuming to work on. They require experienced, compassionate attorneys who fully understand the process, and we can provide that level of representation for you and your family.

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Our clients are the men and women of Kentucky suffering from medical mistakes or nursing home negligence. We prioritize your needs. We listen, we plan and we vigorously advocate for you. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling 502-694-0565 or sending us an email.