Nursing Home Neglect

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At Finn & Yeoman, we have extensive experience handling cases against nursing homes for injuries to our elderly and most vulnerable family members.

If nursing homes do not provide proper care for their residents there are a multitude of injuries that can arise. For instance, residents may develop bedsores as a result of inadequate care. F&Y have handled many cases against facilities for causing, and/or failing to properly treat residents with bed sores. Bed sores are extremely dangerous to nursing home residents. Not only are they painful, but they may cause infection and even cause the death of an otherwise healthy resident.

Falls which cause serious injuries such as broken bones or even head injuries such as blood clots leading to strokes.

Neglect, malnourishment, dehydration
Medical neglect, including the failure to adequately assess patients for infection such as UTI or even sepsis. We have handled cases in which nursing facilities have simply failed to recognize a resident is in need of a higher level of care or in the immediate need of emergency care.
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